Monday, August 10, 2009

Painting Cold Scenes on Hot Days...

Well, here it is! After almost 4 weeks of being on my easel, it's finally finished. Painting a winter scene in August to try and stay a little cool. I thought would be a good idea, and so I started a winter scene thinking of cool thoughts while the temperatures outside climbed into the upper 90's. It kind of worked in theory, but at other times it was a challenge because I would have rather been out riding my bicycle. Some what crazy, I know but so very true of me. But it was interesting because the day that I finished it the temperature had drove to the mid-70's. I couldn't help but think that I might have influenced the weather? NAW!! Sheesh! Talk about an "EGO"! But one could hope to dream.

But here's the result of 4 weeks working sporadically on a painting. I call it " Making a Snowball at Temple Square". It's an oil done on canvasboard measuring 18" X 24". Enjoy!