Friday, October 14, 2016

Survived the Flood and Gone to the Dogs....

Sandbags a common sight in Cedar Rapids some have become inventive in their uses.
The Cedar River got to it's 2nd highest level ever and I was evacuated out of my home for about 3 days.  I ended up moving most of my belongings to the 2nd floor of my home.  Then, I moved most of my studio and a few larger items to a friend's garage.  It also affected my work which was almost directly across the river from my house.  I must say sometimes it's not a good idea to be within walking distance of your work.  In this case it was like having all my eggs in one basket.  But temporary barriers and a whole lot of sandbagging managed to save most of the city and I was lucky.

But with all of that moving and what not I got a little behind on some of my commissioned pieces.  But thankfully people were understanding.  Here's some dog commissions that I recently finished...
"Jack #1", an 8"x 10" Ink with Watercolor.

"Zephyr #1", 8" x 10" Ink with Watercolor

"Zephyr in Reflection", 11" x 14" Ink with Watercolor.
Sorry to say that these are memorial paintings, but I hope they will provide good memories for my friend Polly.  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.