Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Halloween Move & Glimpse of Latest...

My favorite time of year - Halloween, and I will be moving into to new digs near the Czech Village area of Cedar Rapids.  No longer a renter, I'm becoming a homeowner.  Here's a photo of a current commission project that I'm trying to finish before my move.  I warn you, it is a poor photo.  Yes, the camera is packed and this was taken with non-internet-accessing-low-tech phone. As you can see my shadow above.  It's going to be a four pane of a red 1971 Demon.  This is for Mr. Motorhead to pay for a riding lawnmower at the new digs.  It's a big yard - I NEEDED it! Enough said :)
Photo- Prelim ink drawings for Demon four pane.
I hope to share a better photo of the real paintings soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Breast Cancer Fall Bazaar-- This Saturday!

Hello!  Here's a slightly different slant for me of late.  I've been working on some flower paintings for a Breast Cancer Fall Bazaar that coming up this next Saturday.  It takes place in the Cherry Building in Cedar Rapids, IA from 9AM to 2PM this Saturday October 25th.  If you happen to be in the area swing by and say Hi!  Here's a couple of new pieces available for the Bazaar...
Photo: "Blue Stemmed Flower"; Watercolor and Ink on 8" x 11" Paper.
Photo: "Dear Karma"; Watercolor on 13" x 11" Paper.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dad Had One...

Yep, Dad had one of these!  This is painting based on one of the several photos I took at the Good Guys Car Show this last summer in DesMoines.  I was drawn to paint this one because I remember my Dad had one of these Pontiac's.  It was a faded green too but had a great deal of rust.  We ended up getting rid of it because a passenger side door that would never stay shut.  I remember hanging on for dear life to my little brother, who hung on to my mom as she would take the left turns.  These were before the days of safety belts.  The final straw was the time Mom took a left turn on 1st Ave Cedar Rapids, I forgot to hold on, and I thankfully rolled over to the curb missing the on-coming traffic.  That was it and it was traded in for a newer Ford LTD.
Photo: "Dad Had One"; Watercolor and Ink on 8" x 10" Paper.
Thanks for stopping by, and I welcome any comments you may have!