Thursday, August 25, 2016

NewBo Arts Festival...

Well, I am happy to be able to say I've been juried into another art festival.  On Sunday Sept. 4th you will find my booth among others in the NewBo Arts Festival in the NewBo District of Cedar Rapids.  I've been busy painting away in preparation.  I'm still trying to build a bit of a stock after my wonderful experience at Houby Days where I sold about half of my paintings.  Yahoo!  I hope it goes well at the NewBo Arts Fest and swing on by if you happen to be in the area.  Here's one of three paintings that I finished this last weekend and early this week.  I've got more in the works....
"Old Blue with yellows"; Watercolor and Ink on 10" x 12" Paper.
"1959 Biscayne Rear"; Watercolor and Ink on 11" x 14" Paper
Available for purchase
"1926 Franklin"; Ink with Watercolor on 8" x 10" Paper.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Franklin on a Patriotic Day

Photo:"A Franklin on a Patriotic Day"; Watercolor and Ink on 11" x 16" Paper
Available for purchase.
Here's the latest I finished last night.  It's a little off in a new direction.  I took several photos of this 1926 Franklin that I saw on the 3rd Avenue bridge in downtown during a 4th of July car show.  I was just fascinated with listening about the guy who owned it talk about the engine and how because of the specialty of the steam-powered engine he had to go up to Minneapolis area to have it serviced.Then he talked about the restoration that he had to do in the interior.  I found myself taking photos from several angles with my phone.  Later as I got to looking at this particular photo of the back.  I liked the Cedar Rapids skyline that was showing in the background.  It simmered for a few days and this was what came about.  I put extra flags into the piece with a couple of them on the car itself.  I still may do others of this Franklin car.  It's a very unique car.