Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dogs in Ink...

I've recently been doing a bit of playing with ink drawings of dogs.  I did one of my black lab, Jazz, and afterwards had a friend request that I do a drawing of her dog.  Here's the fun results....
" I'm Waiting..."; black ink with a touch of watercolor.
Available for purchase.
That's my Jazz with a fun quote.  She's quite the lover...lol

"Trek in Ink"; Black ink with a touch of watercolor.
Commissioned Piece
Here's Trek done in black ink with a touch of brown watercolor for the eyes.  It's been rather fun experimenting with ink and a bit of water coloring.  Thanks for stopping by and I welcome any comment you may have.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

For Pete's Sake, It's George's Motorcycle....

A bit of delay in getting this up on here but here's the Harley Motorcycle commissioned I finished.  I call it "For Pete's Sake, It's George's Motorcycle."  The friend that I did this for, his real name is George but a lot of his friends call him Pete.  Talk about identity crisis! lol... he fortunately loved his painting and here it is...
" For Pete's Sake, It's Geogre's Motorcycle"; Watercolor and Ink on 14" x 14" Paper.
Commissioned Piece