Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Painting Break...

I took a day of on my BIG Adventure at my Aunt Lindy's house and did a bit of painting while doing some laundry too; talk about doing some multi-tasking!  I did a couple of more scenes based on photos I took while in Washington State.  One of these is based on a photo I took at my girlfriend Jean's wedding of her guest on the beach and the other is from photos that I took at Port Townsend, WA.  Both of these are on 9" x 12" paper and are a bit of puddle painting.  Enjoy!
"Mother and Son on Beach"; watercolor on 9" x 12" Paper.
"Tickled Pink Shoppe"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" Paper.
I welcome any feedback you may have and thanks for visiting!  Please feel free to read more about my BIG Adventure traveling at my other here.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Painting Break on Whigby Island...

I've been on the road on my BIG Adventure for 11 days now and I've really been keeping busy with other things.  I have not managed to find as much time as I thought for painting.  So when I woke up one morning while visiting Whigby Island and it was cloudy and cold; I decided it was a good enough excuse to take the day off from sightseeing and stay in to do a bit of watercolor painting.  Here's  what I did during my day off from sightseeing...
"Honesty Flower Stand"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" paper.
All over Whigby Island there are stands that are not tended by people they just put the flowers or sweet corn or other vegetable/fruit out with a box to leave the money in.  It just boggles my mind because coming from a large city where something like would never fly.  It is almost like it hails from another time.
"Libbey Beach"; Watercolor on 10" x 15" Paper.
This is based on a photo I took on Libbey Beach which is on the west side of Whigby Island.  It's the first watercolor I've done of a beach scene and painting the rocky beach was a bit of a challenge to figure out.  But it's always good to have room to grow and learn.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Dream Begins...

Soon I’ll be starting the first leg of I’ve come to refer to as a “US Tour”.  It’s been a dream that’s been at the back of mind for years.  When I explain what I’m doing, I’ve had all kinds of reactions from surprise, to being an inspiration, to “you’re crazy”, and “you’ve got some balls, girl!”(My boss)  I’ve even had it referred to as a “female mid-life crisis”. (Thank you Popette)
Photo- "Blue Moon Garden"; Oil painting on 16" x 20" wrapped canvas. SOLD!
So what is it that I’m exactly doing you might ask.  I’m about to enter into a new exploration of the USA’s lower states – just my car, my bike, & myself.  Basically, I’m quitting my job and entering into a nomadic lifestyle.  The plan is to do this for 2 years and to travel at random.  There’s no set time though I am thinking of starting in the Pacific Northwest and heading south along the coast to start with.  Yeah, maybe I am crazy.  I’ve been saving for 4 years and am downsizing to a car.  I’m really doing what is the opposite of people when they reach their 40’s.

But I want to travel the US and see sites, landmarks, National Parks, and etc. while I’m still young enough and physically able to enjoy it.  I had originally planned on being 42 years old when I started this voyage.  But I got side tracked with bicycle accidents and other things.  I wasn’t able to saving as much as I thought I could and now three years later things have kind of aligned and fallen into place.
You'll be able to follow my progress of this adventure on my other blog... The Allgood Life; just click here.  I still will be posting my works of art that I will be creating while on my adventure here.  Thanks for visiting! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ollie Oxen Free!

I've been in the process of preparing to move and have had my hands mostly full with packing since getting back from RAGBRAI but I did manage to get a watercolor done of a friend's dog.  This is Ollie and he is a Jack Russell Terrier.  He is a real cutie and he knows it too!  He also HATES to wear sweaters but his Mom seems to love to put him in sweaters during our snowshoeing excursions.  I feel like he's saying,"Mom, this sweater? ... Please take it off before ALL the other dogs see me!  They are going to think I'm a sissy.  PLE-ASSSSE!"  This is my first attempt at doing a dog in watercolor and I think it turned out rather well.  My friend was pleasantly pleased with it too.  Here he is... Ollie Oxen Free!....
"Ollie Oxen Free"; Watercolor on 10" x 13" Paper.
Here's Ollie in a candid shot just before Halloween this last year.  Diana Ross- Eat your heart out!
Photo- Ollie putting Diana Ross to shame!
Thanks for visiting and I would LOVE to hear any feedback you may have!

Monday, July 30, 2012

On My Way Back ...

Tonight, I'm writing this as I sit in my hotel room in Cheyenne, WY.  I'm on my way back to Utah and have had a week of ups and downs.  I first left for my hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; last Thursday evening.  The plan was to do a bit of visiting with family and then do RAGBRAI. 

Well, even the best laid plans seem to change.  I did some visiting and started RAGBRAI.  I managed the first three days of RAGBRAI.  The worst three days as far as heat and humidity that RAGBRAI has ever seen in its 40 years (go figure!).  All three days were 99 or above with one day climbing up to 104 degrees with 80% humidity.  Oh and did I mention there were winds that were up to 20 mph too?  These were some tough days and I really found that the humidity was getting to me. 

But I will say that those three days of RAGBRAI were amazing!  It was a sea of bicycles as far as the eye could see along the wonderful hilly landscape of Iowa's corn and soybean fields.  There were people all along the Iowa roads that were cheering you on; some were selling water, cookies, or almost everything.  Some were not selling but giving water out for free, or offering to douse you with their hose, or even others were handing out frozen pops.  Main streets in small Iowa towns were closed down just to bicycle traffic and filled up with vendors offer to sell food or wares to the cyclists that came through the town.  It was just AMAZING!  I don't know how else to describe it.
Photo: Boys-N-Cars watercolor I did of my nephews for a Father's Day present. 
The youngest one here is the one with dark hair.

My second day was the worst.  I had received a phone call from my little brother the night before that my youngest nephew had passed away due to complications after a surgery.  He was only 13 years old.  I was rather a bit of a basket case that day and only managed to ride 47 miles of the 85 miles that I should have rode.  My head and heart just were not in it.  I found I could not keep food down and when you are riding that is NEVER a good sign to have.  I ended up getting SAG'd in that day.  I did manage the next day's ride but then had to call for help when I was brain dead trying to find the host house.  The combo of riding 84 miles with 104 degree humid heat just left me STUPID.

Wednesday night I managed to get a ride back to my mom's.  I had opted not to ride on Thursday to give my body a bit of a break but I also needed to be back for a viewing(Friday) and funeral(Saturday).  That basically meant that RAGBRAI was over for me.  But I needed to be else where.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Porch No. 101

This porch belongs to my good cycling buddies; Bee & Peter.  They asked me about a little over a year ago to do a painting of their house/porch.  I really thought I had managed a bit of a coup when I had them pose on their porch with their dog Astra for No. 100 of the Salt Lake City Porches Project.  I thought it was the perfect way to finish the project and also did a painting of their porch too.  I figured it was all done in one full swoop. 

Then after the January showing of the 100 SLC Porches, they approached me and asked to do a painting of their porch with no people from the front.  I will admit that I dragged my heels.  I was rather burned out on porches by that point.  So, more recently I was approached by another cycling bud to do their porch, I thought that I had better take care of Bee & Peter's porch first.  So here it is....
"Porch No. 101"; Poured Watercolor on 10" x 14" Paper.
When I asked how they wanted me to paint it; they said they wanted me to choose.  They did admit to liking my poured watercolors.  Here's one of the photos that I worked off of for their porch.
As you can see, I did a very loose form and played with colors to represent their porch.  I studied the different times of day with the directions of light play.  I also had several different times of year that the photos were taken from.  I will admit I'm partial to the Fall and liked playing with the bare branches of the tree.  Thus, I ended up with the top poured watercolor.  They seemed pleased with adding it to their painting collection. 

I'm currently having a sale on the available 100 Salt Lake City Porches of 25% off.  I'm calling it the RED HOT Summer Sale.  It makes sense when the temps are as high as they've been lately.  You can scroll through the page to look at those available by clicking here.  I welcome any feedback you may have and thanks for visiting.  Now on to the next porch for me!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun with Water...

I'm still working on catching up with some commissions.  I thought I would have more time with the 4th of July Holiday this last week, but it didn't seem to turn out that way.  But in the meantime, I thought I would post this fun watercolor that I finished up last week.  It features a cycling buddy's daughter and she looks like she's having fun.  I call it "Water Hose Play".  Here is it...
"Water Hose Play"; Watercolor on 10" x 14" Paper.
I was trying to think of cooling thoughts last week with the high temperatures.  I thought this was the perfect subject to be working on.  Enjoy!  I would love to hear your feedback and thanks for visiting!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Basketted Purple Bike...

I am currently working on a couple of commissioned porch pieces.  Yes, I'm doing a bit of catching up and while I'm doing that I thought I would share a piece that I put on my bike art page but I never did a little write up here about it.  Part of the reason was that I barely finished it before Little Red and then it sold quickly.  Here it is...
"Basketted Purple Bike"; Watercolor on 6" x 8" Paper.
It was one of those quick little paintings I did in the evening while watching TV.  A fellow bicycle club member bought the painting and asked that I frame it in a black frame with matting.  That's what I did and here it is framed and ready for their wall...
"Basketted Purple Bike" framed.
They were very pleased.  I thought that the mint green really brought out some of the green undertones and made the bike pop.  I hope to have some porch commissions to reveal here soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Commission for Mom...

My mom recently decided to remove a shelf in the kitchen-dining room area.  She asked for me to do an oil painting of flowers that was large enough to cover the place where the shelf had been.  She gave the measurements and requested a wrapped canvas.  She didn't want to worry about framing and I think she liked the idea of a more modern unframed painting to update the area.  From there, she gave me ideas on what she would like but always mentioned that she was sure that whatever I came up with she would be happy with.  Thanks mom!  No pressure what-so-ever.

First she sent me a few magazine pages of ideas... A Van Gogh of flowers which she explained, she didn't like the actual flowers.  She considered them too child-like but she did like the green wispy strokes in it.  Then, there was a photo of yellow tulips taken in her dining room.  She wanted tulips.  Then, she included a couple of other pages with flowers that she would like to have in the painting. 

Then, she included a diagram of a certain degree...

She wanted to keep to yellows, greens, and purples with a bit of pinks in there too.  She kept an emphasis on keeping it nice light and airy.  Now, I will put a disclaimer here.  I'm not really a flower type of painting gal.  Buildings and bicycles are more my type of thing that I like to paint.  Flowers are a different territory altogether.  I will say I struggled with this for awhile.  I took a bit more time than usual on the under painting.  I did several layers with an iridescent gold and two different yellows.  Then before I started to lay in the actual flowers of the painting.  I painted in the green wispy things.  Here's what I had...
Next, I did some sketches of flowers on paper and played with arranging them on the canvas.
There was a selection of different flowers that I threw in that I thought might look nice with the other flowers she requested; irises, primrose and lavender.  I layed out the drawings on the canvas to get a feel for what looked good together and what would fit and still be light and airy too.  Then I sketched the general format onto the canvas with the same green paint as the wispy things.
I talked with Mom this last Sunday morning on the phone and explained the general format that I had come up with.  She thought it sounded pretty good.  So I proceeded to paint on Sunday evening and Monday night and this is the finished painting that was produced...
AND I hope that Mom is happy enough to hang it on her wall when I bring it home to her in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July while I'm there for RAGBRAI.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Here's wishing all of you Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!  I've been waiting before I posted this painting until it arrived at my little brother's home in Iowa.  I did it as a present for him for Father's Day.  I was trying to make it a surprise.  It features my two nephews standing in front of a car at a car show.  Here it is... 
"Boys-N-Cars"; Watercolor on 9" x 11" Paper
I rather got a kick out of how both of them are standing with arms folded; kind of like--"Yeah, we are tough!"  I did this painting in the puddle style of water coloring; mixing all of the colors on the paper.  I also used a limited color pallet-- phthalo blue, phthalo green, and permanent rose with just a bit of meduim yellow to do the skin tones.  I hope you like it little bro!  Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thanks, Silliness & a Winner!

A BIG Thanks for all who swung by my Art Booth at the Little Red Riding Hood Ride.  What a FUN event and such wonderful weather for the most part.  There was a couple of small cloud bursts where I was holding down some tarps to protect some paintings but they were short lived.  It was wonderful being out and having people swing by to view my art.  People from my bike club swung by and were rather surprised that I did anything outside of biking.  It really was a fun experience.  I also managed to sale a few things too!

I managed to get a little silly on Friday night and entered the Little Red Groovy Costume Contest.  They made us get up on stage and dance.  I just wiggled around because I wasn't too sure how a hippie was supposed to dance.  But here's a shot of me on stage in my full regale...

Oh MY!  I think it looks more like I'm doing a Rain Dance!  Maybe that's why there were the cloud burst on Saturday!  Go figure!

AND The winner of the Little Red Raffle is....
Annette T. from Spanish Fork, UT.  Congratulations!!  When she came to pick it up, she told me that she never wins anything.  Well, that's not true anymore and lets hope your luck has changed Annette.  Annette's daughter who did her first 50 mile bike ride ever at Little Red this last Saturday will be receiving the winning painting. Here's the raffled painting that went home with Annette and her daughter...
"Biking with Peace, Love, & Flowers"; Watercolor on 12" x 16" Paper.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FUN Stuff for Little Red Booth!

This week, I've been preparing for the booth that I'm going to have for Little Red which is this next weekend.  For months now, I've been trying to build up on the bicycle paintings that I've had available.  I've also done a few new FUN ideas with a bit of mass producing thanks to the help of some websites and added a few new items other than just original paintings. (Yes, perhaps it would be considered by some as a form of commercializing.)  But I figured on some of these items the original paintings have sold and it would still be fun to share those pieces with others.  (And thus, I'm doing a bit of commercializing.  Please forgive me!)  So with some of that in mind, and with enabling people to purchase some of my art on a variety of new forms these are a few things that I've come up with.
Note Cards...

"A Parked Pink Cruiser" available on a note card.
One among many other paintings that I will have available at the Little Red Booth.
Plus there's some that will be exclusively available just at Little Red!
Tote Bags...

Small Tote Bags-
"Abandoned Girlie Bike" available on a small tote bag. 
Small totes are also available that feature the "Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed" painting.
Larger Tote Bags-

"Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed" available in a larger black bottomed tote in my Little Red booth.

Bumper Stickers...

A FUN Bumper sticker featuring the "Cycle of Red, Yellow, & Tye-dyed" painting.

Key Chains...

"A Red Big BAD Wolf" available as a key chain.
I thought this fit right in because the Big BAD Wolf is one of the
popular mascots of the Little Red Riding Hood Ride.

"Old Blue Bayou"- cropped a bit but available in my Little Red booth as a magnet.
Other varieties offered on magnets are "Abandoned Girlie Bike" and
"Shadow Cycling Chalk Creek".

Swing by the Little Red booth in Lewiston, UT
if you get the chance this Friday or Saturday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks & More Bike Art...

Thank you to all who came to the 4th Annual Gallery Roll Art Show.  It was a very good turn out and it was nice visiting with all of you.   If you didn't happen to make the opening on Friday night, the bicycle art will still be available to see up at the Salt Lake City Bicycle Company located at 177 East 200 South in downtown Salt Lake City.  Swing by and check them out if you get the chance! 

I managed to finish a couple more bicycle pieces this weekend.  Yes, I'm adding a couple more for my Little Red Riding Hood Booth during the event on the first Friday and Saturday in June.  I'm really looking forward to it!  Here they are a couple more pieces of  bicycle art. Enjoy...
"Your Chariot Awaits"; Watercolor on 10" x 14" Paper.
"Tulips Along for the Ride"; Watercolor on 12" x 16" Paper.
I always LOVE to hear feedback on my artwork!  AND Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The 4th Annual Bicycle Art Show...

You are invited to a Bike & Art Event...

Friday May 18th
6 - 9PM
(Photo- "Psychedelically Cranked"; Poured Watercolor on Paper.)
4th Annual
 Gallery Roll
Takes Place 
To celebrate National Bike Month, every May,
the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll brings you Gallery Roll.

We encourage everyone of all ages to ride your bikes from gallery to gallery and to enjoy the special Bike Art Exhibit hosted by
Gallery Roll Hosted By

 located at 177 East 200 South in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Three of my artworks will be on exhibit and I'll be there to visit with too.
I invite you to come out and enjoy some art, bike talk,
and perhaps a little bike riding too!
Come Join in the FUN!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes...

May is National Bike Month and with me starting to get into the full swing of cycling season; I seem to have biking on the brain.  (That might be a bit of an understatement!--Just a bit.)  I've got three pieces that will be in a bike art show on May 18th-- the Gallery Roll which takes place in a downtown Salt Lake City bike shop.  I'm also preparing for a bike art booth up at Little Red Riding Hood and I'm currently debating on which photo of my bike art to enter into a Sugar House Art Walk Bike Art Photo Contest.  Oh, my!

Between that and actually riding on my bike, I amaze myself that I still find the time to paint more bicycles.  So here's the last three, I've painted this week...
"Old Blue Bayou"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" Cold Pressed Paper.
"Petals on Pedals"; Watercolor on 10" x 10" Cold Pressed Paper.

I really tried a bit of a new direction on the last one here.  It's a teenage girl swinging her leg out, coasting along and showing off her vintage 60's outfit with her vintage striped bike with basket.  It's fun!  I can imagine this watercolor hanging up in a little girls bedroom.

"Fashionita on Wheels"; Watercolor on 11" x 10" Cold Pressed Paper.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas...

Are you trying to find something new and unique for that Mom that may have everything? 
Of course, there's always the fall back giftcard to her favorite restaurant
but you kind of get tired of THAT!   
You want to give her something that she would like that's new and different.  
Here's a few ideas that I've recently added or created...

If she happens to be a cyclist,
she would LOVE these wonderful high quality t-shirt featuring bike art?
Abandoned Girlie Bike on a Pink Babydoll Fitted T-shirt... CUTE!
A Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed on a White T-shirt with Red Trim....FUN!
Allgood's Amish Triangle on a Wonderful Comfortable Long Sleeve Pink Tee...YUM!
Click on the above shirts or to visit the AllgoodArt Store on Zazzle, click here
There are also a couple of variety of key chains available too!

Auntie's Kiss... is now available on a notecards!

There's the chose of high quality notecards that feature my artwork on the front
at my RedBubble site...
You can choose from Bike Art, Porch Art, or People Art
IF you purchase 8 or more notecards there's a 20% discount!

(YES!  SORRY, I am shamelessly do self marketing and promoting and am hoping to raise some funds to cover my cost of RAGBRAI this summer.)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to Biking with Peace, Love, & Flowers...

The Groovi-ness continues, as I prepare for the Little Red Riding Hood Bike Ride in June.  I'm planning on having a little booth with some of my art on sale.  The theme for Little Red this year is Groovy!  Here's my latest creation keeping in with the cycling and groovy theme...
"Back to Biking with Peace, Love, & Flowers"; Watercolor on 12" x 16" Cold Pressed Paper.
On this painting, I used a combination of styles.  I did a couple of layers in watercolor pours for the background, the bike seat, the bike seat bag and seat post. I used puddle painting for the rest of the bike.  I limited the colors to yellow, permanent rose, dioxazine purple, and a watered down liquid red watercolor.  I think the ladies at Little Red will like this one!  Would love to hear your feedback and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Red Big Bad Wolf...

I put the last finishing touches on this painting last night as the wind was howling and the rain was pouring.  It made me glad that I had decided to go for a run at the gym than to push being out in the pre-storm windy weather.  But either way, this painting that I had started a couple of weeks ago finally came together last night as I sat in my cosy, dry apartment.  Yes, I had a bit of painter's block on this painting and that happens sometimes.  But FINALLY I worked through it.   Yeah!  Here's the resulting poured watercolor...
"A Red Big Bad Wolf"; Poured Watercolor on 8" x 9" Cold Pressed Paper. 
I did this in preparation for the Little Red Riding Hood Bike ride that takes place the first Saturday in June.  The Big Bad Wolf is a mascot of the ride.  It's quite a FUN event and I'm really looking forward to it!  I'll have this painting and several others on sale in my booth during that event.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eastern Versus Western...

This month in my watercolor painting class, Colleen is focusing on Eastern style of Oriental Strokes.  Last night, I decided to do the same picture in the Eastern Style versus the Western Style of painting.  I thought it might be interesting exercise to do.  I will admit that I didn’t follow all the Eastern style rules, and I did take more time in sketching out the Western style painting.  But when comparing these, I think is very interesting.  Here they are...
Eastern Style--
"Italian Garden Wall"; Oriental strokes on 11" x 14" Sketch Paper.

Western Style--
"Italian Garden Wall"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" Cold Pressed Paper. 
Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear your input on this East versus West.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Girlie Duo...

The weather cleared up last night and I had enough time to get a 22 mile bike ride in and then put the final touches on this little bicycle composition too!  Talk about having a wonderful evening!  I'm calling this one - "Another Girlie Duo".  Some of you may recognize this; yes, it is a redo of "A Girlie Duo" that I did almost a year ago.  Only the "Girlie Duo" was done with a limited color pallet.  This Girlie Duo, I just played with a bit of puddle mixing and had fun with it.
"Another Girlie Duo"; Watercolor on 6" x 8" Cold Pressed Paper.
I hope the FUN shines through!  I welcome any feed back or comments you may have and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Biking Blues...

Oh, those April showers are bringing on the "Biking Blues" for me and I am hoping for some blue skies soon.  Here's a quick watercolor I did last week on a rainy night...
"Blue Bike on Grid"; Watercolor on 7" x 8" Cold Pressed Paper.
I'm hoping to do a few more bicycle paintings this week if the skies don't clear up.  But I'm REALLY hoping that I'll be on my bike soon and feeling the wind through my hair.  Bring on those May flowers soon, I say!  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Oriental Strokes & A Thank You!

This month, Colleen has been having us work on our Oriental Strokes.  It's Sumi-e painting to a certain extent but she wanted us to take into focus all of the possibilities/styles of oriental strokes including the Chinese strokes too.  She wanted us to look at the different aspects and rules of Western art/composition versus the aspects/rules of Eastern art.  She talked about the four gentlemen of Oriental painting-- the plum, the orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo.  Last week, she did a demo of all the various strokes and did this wonderful quick demo of painting a wild orchid.  This last week, she allowed us to bring in our own painting ideas.  I brought in a photo of a local building and this is what I worked on...
"A Tree Top & Spire"; Watercolor on 12" x 14" Sketch Paper.
It's loosely based on this photo of one of my favorite buildings...
Salt Lake City's Columbus Community Center
Part of the process was to try to simplify the original  down to it's essential parts.  That is easier said than done.  After I had lightly sketched it on the sketch paper then it was time to paint.  I tell you it is hard to keep your brush vertical and your wrist stiff!  But for a relatively quick in class painting, I think it turned out kind of fun!

You may have remembered that I posted a painting of the Popette a little while ago.  Well, tonight I'm taking her along with me to Colleen's Gallery Open tonight during the Sugar House Art Walk.  The Popette was SO pleased with her portrait that she wants to thank Colleen personally.  Here's the Happy Popette with her painting that I gave her for her birthday this last week...
Photo- The Happy Popette and her painting!
Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painting Ideas While Cycling...

The idea for this painting came to me last week as I was riding (struggling) on my bike up Emigration Canyon.  Another cyclists went whizzing by like I was standing still (always makes one feel confidant- NOT!) and on the back of his jersey was this big eye ball.  I thought it looked cool as it disappeared around a bend in the distance. As I continued to struggle up to the top of the canyon on my bike and this idea started to take hold and evolve.  The idea of a crank inside the eye just sounded like a fun challenge and a possibly wonderful poured watercoloring adventure.  Here's the result of all that thinking as I struggled to climb the canyon on my bike...
"Dilated Chainring"; A Poured Watercolor on 10" x 14" Cold Pressed Paper.
And a BIG Thanks to my friend Jay for helping me to name this artwork; another challenge for me in some cases.  When he mentioned this possible title I thought- PERFECT!  Please feel free to give me any feedback on this interesting bike art work, and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Psychedelical Direction...

I went in a bit of different direction this last week.  I wanted to try some new ideas and work in an abstract type of form.  I also have been itching to get the liquid watercolors out again.  So in the mix of creating, this is what came into being...
"Psychedelically Cranked!"; Poured Watercolor on 9" x 12" Cold Pressed Paper.
The real funny thing is that I would have shown this on my blog sooner but I couldn't think of a name for it.  So thanks to my friend, Kym, and throwing some titles around I finally arrived at a title.  I told her that sometimes putting a title to a piece of art is harder than doing the actual piece.  She didn't agree with my estimation! :)  I welcome any comments and thanks for stopping by.