Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FUN Stuff for Little Red Booth!

This week, I've been preparing for the booth that I'm going to have for Little Red which is this next weekend.  For months now, I've been trying to build up on the bicycle paintings that I've had available.  I've also done a few new FUN ideas with a bit of mass producing thanks to the help of some websites and added a few new items other than just original paintings. (Yes, perhaps it would be considered by some as a form of commercializing.)  But I figured on some of these items the original paintings have sold and it would still be fun to share those pieces with others.  (And thus, I'm doing a bit of commercializing.  Please forgive me!)  So with some of that in mind, and with enabling people to purchase some of my art on a variety of new forms these are a few things that I've come up with.
Note Cards...

"A Parked Pink Cruiser" available on a note card.
One among many other paintings that I will have available at the Little Red Booth.
Plus there's some that will be exclusively available just at Little Red!
Tote Bags...

Small Tote Bags-
"Abandoned Girlie Bike" available on a small tote bag. 
Small totes are also available that feature the "Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed" painting.
Larger Tote Bags-

"Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed" available in a larger black bottomed tote in my Little Red booth.

Bumper Stickers...

A FUN Bumper sticker featuring the "Cycle of Red, Yellow, & Tye-dyed" painting.

Key Chains...

"A Red Big BAD Wolf" available as a key chain.
I thought this fit right in because the Big BAD Wolf is one of the
popular mascots of the Little Red Riding Hood Ride.

"Old Blue Bayou"- cropped a bit but available in my Little Red booth as a magnet.
Other varieties offered on magnets are "Abandoned Girlie Bike" and
"Shadow Cycling Chalk Creek".

Swing by the Little Red booth in Lewiston, UT
if you get the chance this Friday or Saturday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks & More Bike Art...

Thank you to all who came to the 4th Annual Gallery Roll Art Show.  It was a very good turn out and it was nice visiting with all of you.   If you didn't happen to make the opening on Friday night, the bicycle art will still be available to see up at the Salt Lake City Bicycle Company located at 177 East 200 South in downtown Salt Lake City.  Swing by and check them out if you get the chance! 

I managed to finish a couple more bicycle pieces this weekend.  Yes, I'm adding a couple more for my Little Red Riding Hood Booth during the event on the first Friday and Saturday in June.  I'm really looking forward to it!  Here they are a couple more pieces of  bicycle art. Enjoy...
"Your Chariot Awaits"; Watercolor on 10" x 14" Paper.
"Tulips Along for the Ride"; Watercolor on 12" x 16" Paper.
I always LOVE to hear feedback on my artwork!  AND Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The 4th Annual Bicycle Art Show...

You are invited to a Bike & Art Event...

Friday May 18th
6 - 9PM
(Photo- "Psychedelically Cranked"; Poured Watercolor on Paper.)
4th Annual
 Gallery Roll
Takes Place 
To celebrate National Bike Month, every May,
the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll brings you Gallery Roll.

We encourage everyone of all ages to ride your bikes from gallery to gallery and to enjoy the special Bike Art Exhibit hosted by
Gallery Roll Hosted By

 located at 177 East 200 South in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Three of my artworks will be on exhibit and I'll be there to visit with too.
I invite you to come out and enjoy some art, bike talk,
and perhaps a little bike riding too!
Come Join in the FUN!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes...

May is National Bike Month and with me starting to get into the full swing of cycling season; I seem to have biking on the brain.  (That might be a bit of an understatement!--Just a bit.)  I've got three pieces that will be in a bike art show on May 18th-- the Gallery Roll which takes place in a downtown Salt Lake City bike shop.  I'm also preparing for a bike art booth up at Little Red Riding Hood and I'm currently debating on which photo of my bike art to enter into a Sugar House Art Walk Bike Art Photo Contest.  Oh, my!

Between that and actually riding on my bike, I amaze myself that I still find the time to paint more bicycles.  So here's the last three, I've painted this week...
"Old Blue Bayou"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" Cold Pressed Paper.
"Petals on Pedals"; Watercolor on 10" x 10" Cold Pressed Paper.

I really tried a bit of a new direction on the last one here.  It's a teenage girl swinging her leg out, coasting along and showing off her vintage 60's outfit with her vintage striped bike with basket.  It's fun!  I can imagine this watercolor hanging up in a little girls bedroom.

"Fashionita on Wheels"; Watercolor on 11" x 10" Cold Pressed Paper.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas...

Are you trying to find something new and unique for that Mom that may have everything? 
Of course, there's always the fall back giftcard to her favorite restaurant
but you kind of get tired of THAT!   
You want to give her something that she would like that's new and different.  
Here's a few ideas that I've recently added or created...

If she happens to be a cyclist,
she would LOVE these wonderful high quality t-shirt featuring bike art?
Abandoned Girlie Bike on a Pink Babydoll Fitted T-shirt... CUTE!
A Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed on a White T-shirt with Red Trim....FUN!
Allgood's Amish Triangle on a Wonderful Comfortable Long Sleeve Pink Tee...YUM!
Click on the above shirts or to visit the AllgoodArt Store on Zazzle, click here
There are also a couple of variety of key chains available too!

Auntie's Kiss... is now available on a notecards!

There's the chose of high quality notecards that feature my artwork on the front
at my RedBubble site...
You can choose from Bike Art, Porch Art, or People Art
IF you purchase 8 or more notecards there's a 20% discount!

(YES!  SORRY, I am shamelessly do self marketing and promoting and am hoping to raise some funds to cover my cost of RAGBRAI this summer.)