Friday, November 27, 2009

A Bit of a Blue Direction...

This is a new direction for me. An experiment in blue with a bit of abstract. I call this " A Blue Abstract of the Moochie Bike Ride". It's based on some pictures taken from a Moochie's Restaurant bike club ride that took place earlier this year. It just felt done to me, and I thought it rather looked interesting. It's a bit of a change from how I usually paint, and I hope that you find it as interesting as I do.
This is done in oils on a canvas that measures 16" x 20".
I would love to hear some feedback on what you think...

Monday, November 16, 2009

St. Joe's Auction...Somewhat a Disappointment

I will admit that I was a little disappointed. I had hoped to have my painting sell for more than what it did but with the economy the way it is... I guess it didn't do too bad.

I was somewhat shocked when I arrived at the auction to find my painting leaning on the floor up against a wall. My friend, Jay,( who came along with me as support) quickly talked with someone in charge and had it moved to tabletop near by. There was no easel in sight and if I had known I would have brought one from home. Also, a couple more minor disappointments were that they did not have any of my blog cards (20 of them) or my artist's profile. Ann, who was on the ball printed up the artist profile, and I grabbed a few blog cards that I had with me. That issue was fixed but it made me feel rather uneasy about the whole auction.

Shortly after that I had a photo taken with the framed painting. The frame was very simple and I thought it fit in rather nicely with the painting. Dean, who was also from the St. Joe's congregation, did a wonderful job of taking former wood from inside the church and making a frame for the painting.
(Photos: Jay and myself enjoying beverages. The wonderfully decorated Parish Hall. )

There was a great deal of activity all around, and the parish hall was very nicely decorated. Jay and I visited the silent auction part with a wide variety of baskets to bid on. There were about 90 baskets in all. Jay made a bid on a couple of them while I kept on looking for a basket with some live theater tickets like I won on bid last year. Jay ended up winning a bid on a large basket of popcorn varieties. But I never did see any live theater tickets in any of the baskets. All the while I was walking around and looking at baskets, I had quite a few people say Hi and comment about how they very much liked the painting.

After the silent auction closed, then came the live auction action. There was a couple of different items that were up for auction before the painting. Both of those items went for well below what they were valued. It seemed that there was not any large bidders out there. Then my painting came up. My friend, and mechanic, Jim won the final bid. He's planning on donating back to the painting back to the church with wishes that it will be hung up in the foyer area of he new church. That idea made me very happy.

(Photo: Jim, who took the final bid on the painting with me.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Live Auction-- Friday the 13th?

Hello All! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. This painting is going to be on a LIVE auction block this Friday night at St. Joseph's. When I donated it, I had no idea that it would be considered for the Live auction. I will admit that I hoped but wasn't sure that it would be considered worthy of a Live auction. This will be my first piece that has ever been a Live auction situation. I plan to watch, and I hope it goes well.
The painting is now framed in some old wood that was taken from the old St. Joe's church. I haven't seen it myself since it's been framed but have been told that it looks wonderful! I really hope the painting does well at the auction to assist in raising funds for the new church. I hope that the 13th proves lucky again... It IS my lucky number after all. But I will keep you posted and will hopefully have pictures from the night.