Monday, August 20, 2012

A Dream Begins...

Soon I’ll be starting the first leg of I’ve come to refer to as a “US Tour”.  It’s been a dream that’s been at the back of mind for years.  When I explain what I’m doing, I’ve had all kinds of reactions from surprise, to being an inspiration, to “you’re crazy”, and “you’ve got some balls, girl!”(My boss)  I’ve even had it referred to as a “female mid-life crisis”. (Thank you Popette)
Photo- "Blue Moon Garden"; Oil painting on 16" x 20" wrapped canvas. SOLD!
So what is it that I’m exactly doing you might ask.  I’m about to enter into a new exploration of the USA’s lower states – just my car, my bike, & myself.  Basically, I’m quitting my job and entering into a nomadic lifestyle.  The plan is to do this for 2 years and to travel at random.  There’s no set time though I am thinking of starting in the Pacific Northwest and heading south along the coast to start with.  Yeah, maybe I am crazy.  I’ve been saving for 4 years and am downsizing to a car.  I’m really doing what is the opposite of people when they reach their 40’s.

But I want to travel the US and see sites, landmarks, National Parks, and etc. while I’m still young enough and physically able to enjoy it.  I had originally planned on being 42 years old when I started this voyage.  But I got side tracked with bicycle accidents and other things.  I wasn’t able to saving as much as I thought I could and now three years later things have kind of aligned and fallen into place.
You'll be able to follow my progress of this adventure on my other blog... The Allgood Life; just click here.  I still will be posting my works of art that I will be creating while on my adventure here.  Thanks for visiting! 

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