Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Girlie Duo...

The weather cleared up last night and I had enough time to get a 22 mile bike ride in and then put the final touches on this little bicycle composition too!  Talk about having a wonderful evening!  I'm calling this one - "Another Girlie Duo".  Some of you may recognize this; yes, it is a redo of "A Girlie Duo" that I did almost a year ago.  Only the "Girlie Duo" was done with a limited color pallet.  This Girlie Duo, I just played with a bit of puddle mixing and had fun with it.
"Another Girlie Duo"; Watercolor on 6" x 8" Cold Pressed Paper.
I hope the FUN shines through!  I welcome any feed back or comments you may have and thanks for stopping by!

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