Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Franklin on a Patriotic Day

Photo:"A Franklin on a Patriotic Day"; Watercolor and Ink on 11" x 16" Paper
Available for purchase.
Here's the latest I finished last night.  It's a little off in a new direction.  I took several photos of this 1926 Franklin that I saw on the 3rd Avenue bridge in downtown during a 4th of July car show.  I was just fascinated with listening about the guy who owned it talk about the engine and how because of the specialty of the steam-powered engine he had to go up to Minneapolis area to have it serviced.Then he talked about the restoration that he had to do in the interior.  I found myself taking photos from several angles with my phone.  Later as I got to looking at this particular photo of the back.  I liked the Cedar Rapids skyline that was showing in the background.  It simmered for a few days and this was what came about.  I put extra flags into the piece with a couple of them on the car itself.  I still may do others of this Franklin car.  It's a very unique car.

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