Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paintings Donated to Little Red!!!

Little Red Riding Hood 2008 Collage Painting
(24" x 36"; oil on canvas wrapped around frame)
and below....
Little Red Riding Hood 2007 Collage Painting
(20" x 26"; oil on canvas wrapped around frame)

Both of these paintings will be donated for the 2009 Little Red Riding Hood Ride's Silent Auction to assist in raising funds for the charity. This year's charity is the University of Utah Genetics and the funds will be ear marked for breast and ovarian cancer research.

These paintings are based on a collage of photos, and personal experiences that I have had with the all female bike ride. It's one of my favorite bike rides that Bonneville Cycling Club puts on, and it always raises charitable funds for women's health issues.

For more information about the ride; either to be a participant, a volunteer, or an observer--- please check out the Little Red Riding Hood website below.....


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