Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trying to get motivated...

With all of this rain we have been experiencing here in SLC, you would think that it would be a natural for me to pick up the paint brush. But it's kind of like I'm having "painter's block"?!? Is there such a thing? However, on the other hand, I don't seem to be having trouble with the "writer's block". So thus, below you will find a new poem that I wrote, and I think it's pretty obvious what frame of mind I was in. I apologize it still needs some work, but it's pretty darn close to being "there". Well anyway, I hope you enjoy and it'll probably be in this next year's "Collection Booklet" this Christmas.

Here it is.....

The Good Die Young
Only the good die young,
Or so the song spouts in verse,
And I think,
Does that mean I wasn't good?
Was I rejected?
Put on the BAD list?
And while on this trail of thought,
Does that mean really old people
Were clearly BAD?
Or is it, perhaps,
We are all bad?
Then get a chance,
To regress to innocence,
In our old age?
And given the choice,
Can I take a waiver?
Or a "chance" card?
And pass on the old age,
Go directly to dying BAD?
Because quite frankly,
This getting old Doesn't appeal.


em said...

The idea behind "The Good Die Young" takes me back some years to a time when one of my students passed away. He faced many personal challenges in his short lifespan. The choices he made resulted in his transferring to an alternative school where he engaged in some risky behaviors. During lunch at school, he was riding his skateboard in a parking lot behind the school. One of his friends pulled up next to him in a pick up truck. He latched on to the side of the truck as it was leaving lost his balance, rolled under the truck and his life ended in an instant. So, rather than a chance card I think, sadly, a choice card was played. Each March 11th. I pray for my young friend and his family. 15 years have passed and the sadness of a life cut short too soon remains.

JAllgood said...

Em- Thanks for sharing. That is a sad situation. Yes, sometimes good choices are not made by the young. Often, those choices have bad consequences; sometimes even deadly. I've had individuals that I knew who made some of these deadly choices; and I've narrowly managed to escape some bad choices myself. Often, in these situations I feel like I've had a guardian angel watching out for me. The nearest that I can figure is that it wasn't my time yet.