Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I considered the show a victory from the get go. A wonderful sign was that I had all ready had one painting sold as I was placing the paintings on to the wall. You see a bike friend had seen a painting in photo /an article written about me in the Intermountain Catholic Newspaper. I was excited about the article and had forwarded to several friends via an email link. They were one of the friends and now a piece of my work will hang in their living room. Overall during the show, I had some slower but steady traffic seeing the show until the guys with their guitars showed up at 3PM. The music started and then it proved to be a full house of activity. There was about 20 people talking, viewing art, and listening to music. About 5:30PM as it winding down I had sold the fourth painting of the exhibit, with a few others saying that they would contact me when they got their income tax return. I even had one individual that mentioned possibly commissioning me to do a painting. Thus the Tale of Two Mains a comparative of the Park city and Salt Lake City main Streets closed. What I found most interesting is that most of those that sold were paintings of the Park City Main Street. Here are a few photos of the event before and during.

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