Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alien Grill Grin...

I sometimes am at a loss on how to name a painting.  This particular one was based on a photo of a close up I took on an older model classic car's grill.  It was taken during another car show that I attended with Mr. Motorhead, my boyfriend.  But I didn't know enough about the type of car or year to use that as a name.  Yes, I guess I need to ask more questions while I'm taking photos than just learning all this car stuff by osmosis. I am guessing that it's a 1930's or around there by the hood but that's all I can figure out.

Here I am at a loss for a title and I hate having "Untitled" and a number after.  Not my kind of thing; its too vague.  Then I had an idea, I would put a photo of it on Face Book and see about suggestions for a title.  Thus, a title for this painting emerged.  It's called "Alien Grill Grin".  A few of the people on Face Book thought it had a bit of that "Alien" Giger feel about it.  I'm unsure about that and will let you decide.  Here it is....
"Alien Grill Grin"; Watercolor and Ink on 10" x 13" paper.
It was rather fun to just focus on part of a car, and don't be surprised if you see more of these types of paintings in the future.  I welcome any comments or feedback.  Thanks for stopping by!

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