Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Bit of Catching Up...

I've taken a vacation to Vegas and am a little behind on posting some of my recent artwork here on my blog.  So here goes...
This first painting was done as a Wedding Anniversary present for a friend who grew up in my same hometown (Cedar Rapids).  He now lives in Las Vegas with his wife and I thought it would be nice to bring a bit of hometown to him in a painting.  I call the piece- "Cedar Rapids Tour".  He loved it!
"Cedar Rapids Tour"; Watercolor and Ink on 11" x 14" paper.
Then, just before I left for Las Vegas I finished this fun one that I call "Purple Coupe".  

This painting was based on a photo that I took at work one day.  There was this cute coupe that was parked across the street from where I was working in Czech Village in Cedar Rapids.  I snapped a shot and thought it would make a good painting.  Go figure! :)  Thanks for stopping by and I welcome any comments you may have.

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