Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water Color Painting Class #3

How time flies I'm all ready into my third class!  AND here's a painting that I did between classes... (A bit of homework).  Kind of a stormy clouds in background with trees.  It's based on a photo that our teacher gave us in the prior class.  Though, I will say the sky turned out to be darker than what I thought it would.

We started out the third class with watching a photo slide show and discussing composition in a painting.  It was very informative, and hopefully will help in my paintings overall.  It makes me want to go over all of my other paintings and see what I did right and what I did wrong.  Hopefully, I have more right than wrong.  After the slide show we proceeded into landscapes/over layering painting.  This we did over paintings we had all ready done in class.  I chose one of the washes that I did in my first class.  Here's the result....

This is supposed to be a field with pumpkins with the mountains and trees off in the distance.  It still needs some work.  But I think I'm seeing some progress?

Next the teacher had us work on stormy clouds in a different way.  It's like starting with a wash then putting turning the paper so that its vertical in one direction and then turn over the other way vertical before it drips off the paper.  Then mix in some gray and work it in a bit.  Put in the clouds with a clean moist brush picking up the paint.  Then turn the paper vertical one way then the other to allow the paint to work into those clods giving them more a fuzzy stormy look.  Well, I will say I was REALLY horrible at this exercise!  Here's what I ended up with...

Then we got to learn how to do evergreen trees.  These were rather fun and I experimented with several different size brushes on this same sheet of paper.  What do you think?

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