Thursday, August 12, 2010

Water Color Painting Classes- 1 & 2

I've muddled my way through two water color painting classes so far.  Last night, I had my second class and I feel like I'm still just barely dipping my toe into it.  It's definitely a learning curve and I'm hoping that my learning curve improves as I go along.  The first class we worked on washes and then we played with making clouds.  My clouds need some work and I'm rather amazed that water colors dry SO MUCH more lighter.  We took some of the paintings from the first class and used them again for backgrounds in the second class.   I guess that this is fairly common way of doing water color paintings in that you layer them.  You paint one segment.  Then, let it dry and paint another and so on. The teacher had us hold on to all of our paintings because we are going to still use some of them for landscapes for future.  Below are the photos of my water color paintings.  I'm documenting this because I'm curious to see how my water color painting progress.

Class # 1-- WASHES & CLOUDS


( I do think that this stormy sky looks pretty good. -- Perhaps, there's hope for me yet?)

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