Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Point Perspective...

I'm a little slow in posting this.  I will admit that part of it was because I wanted to finish an example that I started in last week's water color painting class.  It's always easier to give an actual example of something than to explain it.

Skyscrapers in water color and ink- 9"x12" on yupo

We started off the class by drawing a three point perspective city-scape on type writer paper.  I admit part of the reason for type writer paper was because I didn't feel confident about what would turn out of my drawing it.  Also, our teacher, Colleen suggested to do a smaller version of the city scene so that we could put all three points of perspective on the sheet of paper.  We placed a horizon line very near the bottom of the paper.  Then, we place two points of perspective on that horizon.  Then, Colleen told us to draw an off center vertical line up to the top point of perspective.  Having all three points on the same paper certainly did make it more manageable and ultimately allow us to get an idea of the relationship of the three different points to one another. 

After we drew a three point perspective on the type writer paper then we were ready to do some painting.  Colleen gave us several different pictures to use.  I chose one photo and because of the limited time left in the class I very quickly drew a three point perspective but not as detailed as it probably needed to be done.  I decided to do a puddle style on  yupo.  I have since finished it off with ink after the water color has dried. 

The above painting is what I ended up with.  Not too bad for a first attempt at three point perspective painting, but there's certainly room for improvement.  Also, I managed to finish another puddle style water color on yupo that I started in the make up class that took place last Monday.  This one I also played with adding a little ink.  What do you think?
Looking into the Fountain- puddle style water color with ink on yupo- 9"x12"

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