Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tone-it-Up Or Tone-it-Down: Wet-to-Dry Painting

At last night’s water color painting class, the focus was color tone with a wet-to-dry style of water color painting exercise. Tone implies color where value is the “grays” scale. Something just “clicked” and I finally actually understood the concept after this class. That’s amazing considering I’ve been taking art lessons off and on for years!

Colleen first showed us a tonal chart which had the gray scale on one end. Then, she spoke about the tint of a color is to lighten the color. In water color to tint, or lighten, the color you use more water. Next we learned about the shade of a color is to darken the color. In water color to shade the color you use the color’s complimentary color. So get out your color wheels and check to see what’s opposite. I happen to have almost gotten the color wheel beaten into my head enough over the years that I’ve absorbed it through osmosis! Some things just seem to sink in over time.

So for our exercise this week was our last of the wet-to-dry style of water color painting. We got to choose between two photos; one with evergreen trees covered in snow, or one with what I called a winter barn scene. Everyone chose the winter barn scene. This is what mine ended up looking like after I did a bit of finishing touches when I got home.

"Winter Barn"- wet-to-dry style water color on 9"x12" cold press paper.

For homework this week, we are supposed to do one more wet-to-dry watercolor with a good example of color tone, and then, do a tonal chart like the one Colleen showed us in class—which looks like this…

Color Tonal Chart-- my homework, YUCK!
Admittedly, I’m not too excited about doing the tonal color chart.   Hmmmm… maybe the “dog ate it” excuse?  Can you tell I'm not really a good student?

Oh, and P.S.--The wet-to-dry style?  Well, up until last night I've been referring to it as wet-on-wet.  We've only been doing it four weeks and I'm just catching on to that!  Yeah, I'm not the smartest pupil in the class!

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