Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No. 100 & Recap of Art Show...

"No.100 of 100 Salt Lake City Porches"; Oil on 12" x 16" Canvas
Here it is #100, I call it the "Toast of the Project".  It's my cycling buds Bee and Peter on their porch in the late summer with their dog Astra.  I wanted to do something different and special for the last porch painting and they were open to letting me take some photos of them on their porch before we had dinner one night.  The sun was starting to go down and there was a wonderful twilight back light as well as the porch light.  They're sipping champaign and being very patient as I took about 20 pictures from different angles.  Thank you Bee and Peter!

It ended up being a wonderful event with at least 75 people that came to enjoy the art, music, and food.  Here's some photos I took when I had time towards the end of the event...

During the show, I did a sign up sheet to "Vote for Your Favorite" porch painting and everyone that voted was entered into a drawing to win their choice of one of the unsold porch paintings.   The winner of the drawing is lucky  JoAnn Ekstrom.  In fact, she happened to purchase the favorite porch painting of the art show.  She's still trying to decided which painting she would like to own. 

Now for the results of the "Vote for Your Favorite" Porch Painting...
(drum roll please.....)
First Place was #87---
Oil on 8" x 10" Canvas

Second Place was #7---
Oil on 16" x 20" Canvas

Third place was a tie between
Oil on 8" x 10 " Canvas

and #30
Oil on 12" x 12" Canvas
Fourth Place was #47--
Watercolor on 10" x 14" Paper

A BIG Thank You to all who attended the event,
AND to my wonderful friends Jay & Jerry
who played their wonderful music during the event.

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