Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Cougar!

Yes, here's another painting based on a photo I took at a car show in Vinton, Iowa.  I saw my boyfriend admiring the car, and thought he would like a painting of it.  Come to find out that the car is not a "Mopar" and will not qualify a spot on his wall.  Talk about snobs of another breed! LOL!  I guess I still have a GREAT deal to learn about cars.  AND here, I always thought of them as something to get me from Point A to Point B.  Well, it looks like I may need a bit of an attitude adjustment. But here's the painting that I titled: "The Cougar" which I find even a more ironic title when I myself am the "cougar" dating a younger man.
"The Cougar"; Watercolor on 9" x 11" Cold Pressed Paper.
Yes, it is in fact a Mercury Cougar.  Please don't ask me what year but maybe someone out there can let me know.  Or I could break down and ask my boyfriend but where's the challenge in that.  Here's the photo that I based it off of, and I tell you I struggled with how to paint this car. 

It's a very unique shade of "gold" and I'm still not quite happy with it.  But I guess that an artist is always their own worst critic.  But I welcome any feedback you may have and thanks for visiting.

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