Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old St. Joe's Painting...

Well, I sometime DO manage to surprise myself. I started this painting on the evening of October 10th and finish it last night on the 14th. I don't think it turned out too bad and I welcome any comments about the finished product.
In the forefront is my version of the St. Joe's crucifix, and in the background, is the interior of St. Joe's church which will be torn down at the end of October/early November. The interior is based on some photos that I took from the upper balcony area at the rear of the church. I purposely left the details as to the time of year. I wanted more to focus on the base of the building, which much like the congregation is the base of the church. But yet there's enough details that you can recognize that you are in the soon to be old St. Joe's.
I played with the idea of what to do with the background behind the crucifix. I wanted to make it specific for the parish of St. Joe's. I had all kinds of ideas but as I was sitting down and going through some of the photos I had of the church. It just kind of clicked! What would be more specific than the interior of the church? Another benefit is that it would compliment the crucifix with all of the wood tones, and thus, it was like this painting fell together for me.
I decided to not put in a face. Part of the reason is because I found it hard to do the face-- both emotionally for me, and I was also concerned because I wanted to do it perfectly. Perfectly? How could I do it perfectly? I'm human, and this is the face of God's Son that I would be trying to paint. It didn't mesh for me. Also, the emotion that's in the face of the crucifix brought up emotions in me. It was just too hard.
I also kind of liked the vagueness of the face. I believe that Christ died for each and everyone of us; for our sins. With that in mind I see an endless sea of possibilities of faces for those sins that he died for. How can I just narrow it down to just one face? I'm not sure if that makes any sense to some of you.
There's also the fact that I'm doing it in my style and if you have seen in quite a few of my paintings that I purposely leave the faces blank or vague. I like doing this because I like for those that are viewing the paintings to put a little of their imagination into the viewing of the work. Maybe they see loved ones, neighbors, friends, or memories of themselves in their version of the paintings.
I do welcome any input or comments to this work. Now it needs to just dry and then needs to be framed. I'm currently hoping to find someone that has talents with framing or wood working that can assist with the framing of this piece. Please have them contact me. Thanks!

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