Sunday, June 12, 2011

"100 SLC Porches, No.53 & No.54"

"100 Salt Lake City Porches, No.53"; Poured Watercolor on 10"x 11" Paper
In the quiet Avenues neighborhood this front porch was almost hidden amid a garden in the front yard.  It seemed to just peek out a bit between the trees and say hi as I passed by on my bike the first time.  I turned around and took a picture of this secluded beauty.  I used medium yellow, dioxazine violet, and sap green in this poured watercolor.
"100 Salt Lake City Porches, No.54"; Watercolor on 10" x 14"
This bricked green beauty from the lower Salt Lake Aves, I started as a series of flat washes in golden tones building and building; adding more color as it progressed.  I'm really happy how this one turned out.  To view the progress of 100 Salt Lake City Porches, click here.  I would love to hear any feedback you may have.

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