Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"100 SLC Porches, No.97 & An Upcoming Show"

I'm getting closer and closer to finish this 100 Salt Lake City Art Project.  It's exciting as well as gratifying in actually finishing a project; rather a sense of accomplishment.  This porch was suggested by my former oil painting teacher who lives just up the street.  Thanks Melodie!  It was a wonderful suggestion and I wish I would've spotted this porch earlier in the year because I imagine these flower beds would be gorgeous with flowers.  But here it is...
"100 Salt Lake City Porches, No.97"; Watercolor on 12" x 12" Paper
For painting this porch, I decided to keep it to a limited color pallet.  I only used cerulean blue, indingo blue, golden yellow, and permanent rose.  I started off with one layer of flat wash and then finished with the puddle style of watercolor.

I'm in the process of working out the details and will be trying to contact some of those that have all ready purchased their porch paintings.  It looks as though there will also be some live music as well!  It should be a fun little event where everyone can see all 100 Salt Lake City Porches in person. 
Prelim plans for...
Saturday January 14th  from 2-6PM
Please save the date! 

To view the progress of the 100 Salt Lake City Porches Art Project (or to request a purchase), click here.  I welcome any feedback you may have.  Thanks for visiting!

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