Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee & Cycling...

Outside of painting and my love of cycling, a close third is coffee.  I find it rather fascinating that I've never done any paintings with a cup of joe in them.  So this last week, I opted to do a painting of a cup of coffee.  You'll see why I call it "A Cup of Lovin' "...
"A Cup of Lovin' "; Poured Watercolor on 9" x 12" Paper

Then I, of course, did another couple of cycling themed paintings.  Here they are...

"Purple Cycling Gal"; Poured Watercolor on 9" x 12" Paper

I was a bit disappointed with this one after I took off all the masking.  I wasn't as careful with the details of her face and it appears she has a pointy nose and her mouth looks like a huge snarl when in fact it was a big smile.  Well, I might try this one again and see if I can do better.  But I'm very please with how the rest of the painting turned.
"Cycling Buds"; Watercolor on 9" x 12" Paper
This painting was based on a photo of Diane and myself  while on a bike ride last summer.  Diane had taken the photo while we stood together during a break.  It was one of those beautiful days where the two of took the day and decided to take the challenge of a good climb.  A wonderful memory and I gave the painting to Diane as a present.  Though, it really seems to emphasize my pug nose.

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